Events & Services

Events & Services

Regular Services:

Great Vespers: Saturday @5pm

Divine Liturgy: Sunday- 10am (in-person/online)

*Our services are livestreamed on our Parish YouTube Channel

Upcoming Events:


August 15th

On Sunday, August 15th, Fr. John Parker, the Dean of St. Tikhon’s, will visit us and offer a talk on parish evangelization and outreach. Please join us in welcoming him and participating in his talk!


Saturday, June 19th @5pm- Great Vespers

Sunday, June 20th @10am- Divine Liturgy (The Feast of Pentecost)

The Divine Services through the Feast of Pentecost


First Week of Lent

March 15, 2021 Compline with Canon

March 16, 2021 Compline with Canon

March 17, 2021 Pre-Sanctified Liturgy

March 18, 2021 Compline with Canon

March 20, 2021 Great Vespers

March 21, 2021 Sunday of Orthodoxy

Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers

Second Week of Lent

March 24, 2021 Feast of the Annunciation (Vesperal Liturgy)

March 27, 2021 Great Vespers

March 28, 2021 Second Sunday of Lent (St. Gregory Palamas)

Third Week of Lent

March 31, 2021 Pre-Sanctified Liturgy

April 3, 2021 Great Vespers

April 4, 2021 Third Sunday of Lent (Veneration of the Cross)

Fourth Week of Lent

April 7, 2021 Pre-Sanctified Liturgy

April 10, 2021 Great Vespers

April 11, 2021 Fourth Sunday of Lent (St. John Climacus)

Fifth Week of Lent

April 14, 2021 Pre-Sanctified Liturgy (6pm)

April 17, 2021 Saturday of the Akathist of the Theotokos (Divine Liturgy)- (10am)

Great Vespers (5pm)

April 18, 2021 Fifth Sunday of Lent (St. Mary of Egypt) (10am)

Sixth Week of Lent

April 21, 2021 Pre-Sanctified Liturgy (6pm)

April 24, 2021 Lazarus Saturday (Divine Liturgy)- (10am)

Great Vespers (5pm)

April 25, 2021 Palm Sunday (10am)

Holy Week

April 26, 2021 Bridegroom Matins (6pm)

April 27, 2021 Bridegroom Matins (6pm)

April 28, 2021 Unction Service (6pm)

April 29, 2021 12 Gospel Readings (6pm)

April 30, 2021 Vespers of Holy Friday (6pm)

May 1, 2021 Holy Saturday (Divine Liturgy 10am)

May 2, 2021 PASCHA (Begins 11:30 pm Saturday night)

Paschal Vespers

Second Sunday of Pascha

May 8, 2021 Great Vespers (5pm)

May 9, 2021 Sunday of Pascha (St. Thomas Sunday) (10am)

Third Sunday of Pascha

May 15, 2021 Great Vespers (5pm)

May 16, 2021 3rd Sunday of Pascha (Myrrhbearing Women) (10am)

Fourth Sunday of Pascha

May 22, 2021 Great Vespers

May 23, 2021 4th Sunday of Pascha (Sunday of the Paralytic)

Fifth Sunday of Pascha

May 29, 2021 Great Vespers

May 30, 2021 5th Sunday of Pascha (Samaritan Woman)

Sixth Sunday of Pascha

June 5, 2021 Great Vespers

June 6, 2021 6th Sunday of Pascha (Blind Man)

Seventh Sunday of Pascha

June 9, 2021 Feast of the Ascension (Vesperal Liturgy)

June 12, 2021 Great Vespers

June 13, 2021 7th Sunday (Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council)

The Feast of Pentecost

June 19, 2021 Great Vespers

June 20, 2021 The Feast of Pentecost