Project Mexico Newsletter

Greetings, one and all!

It’s been awhile since any of you have heard from me…that’s because the last two months have absolutely flown by! Christmas here was one of the most marvelous Christmases I’ve ever experienced. I’ve found that as you get older, that “Christmas magic” starts to fade just a wee bit. My mother always reassured me that if I ever had kids of my own, that spark would reignite as I made Christmas special for them. I definitely experienced that prematurely before having my own biological kids...instead, I live with and help care for 24 other kids—seven of whom experienced their very first Christmases this year. We had Liturgy all together Christmas morning, a feast, and then all the boys took turns opening their gifts. It was a heavenly sort of joy that I experienced that day. If God wills it, I would love to experience more Christmases here.

Our Christmas break from online school was long and immensely enjoyed by all. The boys have been quarantined here on the ranch for almost a year now, and the staff are doing what we can to break up the days and bring some excitement. We rang in the New Year together and had a party day with catered carne asada tacos, churros, and rented karaoke and bounce houses. Something I will always appreciate about the work I’m doing is that I’m always surrounded by people who remind me to be a kid. It helps balance out the difficulty and demands of my job as a tutor/counselor/caretaker. I’m thankful to be finding the balance between responsibility and joy!

Now that we’re into February, the road ahead of the second semester in online classes seems long and daunting. School is often a difficult thing for a lot of our boys, and they’re handling our daily frustrations of internet outages and technical difficulties with an inspiring amount of grace. Don’t get me’s incredibly difficult. Anyone with their kids doing school at home (or doing it themselves!) can empathize. Regarding personal updates, in addition to online school supervision, I’ve been onboarded as a member of the Project Mexico marketing team. I’m currently hosting the podcast (Stories of Hope, available wherever podcasts are found!) and acting as the on-site marketing representation. This includes taking photos, social media management, and projects such as the annual Project Mexico Christmas video. You can watch this year’s video here!

My Spanish is making slow, but steady progress. There are constant challenges and laugh-out-loud moments in this language learning process! Being immersed in it 8+ hours every day--struggling my way through communicating and deciphering--is the best teacher, though probably the most intense way to learn. Duolingo is a trusty supplement, along with various textbooks leant to me by friends. Though admittedly, my incredibly packed schedule doesn’t allow a great deal of time for structured language learning. So literally learning-on-the-job is what things look like for right now.

Financially speaking, I’m looking for a few people to be in a position to support me on a monthly basis...even 5, 10 or 20 dollars. I’m so grateful to everyone who has so generously donated in order to meet my needs: groceries, healthcare, and household. However, since one-time donations come at different times, the importance of a reliable monthly salary is a need that has not yet been met. If you think you may be able to help with this, my fundraising page can be found here. As always, thank you for keeping me in your prayers and for your outpouring of love and support. We’re sending endless gratitude and love in return!

Love, in Christ,


Me and the three boys I assisted in online classes all of last semester. As of January, we’ve had one more addition on the ranch to their grade, and I now have four boys.

The boys and about half of our staff. Celebrating a bank holidy (= day off of school!) with a “gran partido de futbol” epic soccer game!